The simple contact utility for club members, club fixtures, events and notices


Club Contacts is the most simple and easy way to administer and control your members details, whilst offering all the benefits of an 'always' available contact centre.

As a utility, it has been developed to fit into your club's website as either a page in an iframe, and new 'blank' window or a pop-up window.

It is secure, as the log-in details are updated by the members and all the data is protected by password security throughout.

For more information contact us at: info@clubcontacts.co.uk or call 0844 344 0125

To use:

You need to add a button or a link from your website, a club section will have already been created after initial contact.

A selection of buttons are available below plus the relevant links:


To select a button - right click on the button of choice and use the 'Copy' or 'Save picture as' functions, then save to your websites images folder.

The HTML code:

If you use an editing package then select the http... link and appy the target



If you get stuck we will help or edit the page for you just call 0844 344 0125

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